Echonews rolls out criteria for 2019 community awards

Echonews Newspaper Ltd has announced its second edition of Community Awards slated to take place on December 22, 2019.


The annual award ceremony is organised to reward those who have done excellently in various capacities towards the development of Oshodi-Isolo constituencies.


To qualify for each category of the awards, the nominees must fulfil some criteria as analysed by the awards committee. The criteria for each category are as follow:



Nominees for the Economic category must have the following attributes:

Must be located in Oshodi-Isolo LGA

Must have excellent community and customer relation

Must have quality product or services

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Must enjoy reasonable patronage of residents

Must be adding value to the development of the last through its employment and civic support policies



Nominees for the Economic category must have the following attributes:

Be resident in Oshodi-Isolo LGA

Be Holding Office in Oshodi-Isolo LGA

Have demonstrated outstanding contribution to governance

Must be electorate-friendly



Nominees must be:

Posted to the LGA

Serving the LGA

Provided outstanding service to the community

Must be community friendly



Nominees must:

Be resident in the LGA

Have provided outstanding service to the community

Have added value to community

Champion the development of the community



Government Bodies

Nominees must:

Demonstrate value-added to the community

Improved infrastructures in the LGA

Employed youths and categories of the unemployed



Nominees must:

  1. Have contributed to human endeavour through creativity and performance
  2. Practice sports and related social activities in the LGA
  3. Won medals or other achievements
  4. Be very popular with the people