Self-employment needs determination – Agboyega

By Sunday Ogundiran


The Chief Executive Officer CEO) of Crystalz Exclusive Cleaning Services, Daleko, Coker Ejigbo, Oluwaseun Agboyega has said that being self employed is a thing of determination so long the person involved has what it takes to nurture and look after the business with a successful plan.


Agboyega, who recounted the challenges faced while setting up her laundry business, explained how she survived the initial downs.


In her words: “I did a contract job with Benson and Hedges, Ibadan sales unit after my NYSC. I was required to work between 5pm to 10pm from Tuesday to Thursday and 5pm till 2am during the weekends.


“Though stressful, the pay was good and I was able to save my salary towards starting a business. When the contract job ended, I had to make a decision on what business to do.


“I finally keyed into laundry business, a male dominated business but with determination. I used all my savings to buy a washing machine, generator, industrial iron and other equipment and items needed to start a Laundry and Dry Cleaning service.

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“Some people even advised me to do something more “Womanly” though my strong resolve and determination made many change their minds and my choice of business still baffles a lot of people till today.


“I started the business by washing 15 shirts, seven trousers and some under wears early 2019. Today, I’m proud owner of a booming laundry business (CRYTALZ EXCLUSIVE CLEANING SERVICES) which is registered with the CAC, with four employees – two pressers, a washerwoman and a delivery man.”


However, Agboyega said she almost gave up on the business when she was involved in motor accidents twice on her way to deliver clothes to the owners.


“On giving up, I had a rethink after I survived two terrible accidents in the course of doing pickup and delivery. The scars are still visible on my body but I eventually overcame my worry and resolved not to give up.”

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Meanwhile, she noted that irregular power supply coupled with high cost of materials has remained the major challenge in the business, adding that getting new customers also usually requires extra effort on social media.


Despite the challenges, Agboyega charged the women to key into the laundry business, saying it is one of the lucrative businesses good for women.


“The business world is not an exclusive domain for men, women have what it takes to own, run and manage businesses. What is required is a determination backed by hard work to succeed in your chosen field; despite the odds and the heavy burden society has placed on women,” she stated.


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