This is a day-to-day body condition of person with COVID-19 infection

This is a day-to-day body condition of person with COVID-19 infection. For your attention!

Days 1 to 3:
1. Symptoms almost similar to a common cold.
2. Slight sore throat.
3. No fever, no tiredness, normal appetite.

Day 4:
1. Slight sore throat, body ache.
2. Hoarse voice.
3. Body temperature around 36.5⁰C.
4. Slight loss in appetite.
5. Slight headache.
6. Minor diarrhea or indigestion.

Day 5:
1. Sore throat, hoarse voice.
2. Slight fever, between 36.5 to 36.7⁰C
3. Body weak body, joint pain.

Day 6:
1. Slight fever, around 37 ° C.
2. Cough accompanied by mucus or dry cough.
3. Sore throat when eating, talking or swallowing.
4. Fatigue, nausea.
5. Occasional breathing difficulty.
6. Pain in fingers
7. Diarrhea, vomit.

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Day 7:
1. Fever higher, between 37.4-37.8⁰C.
2. Cough with sputum.
3. Body ache and headache.
4. Diarrhea more severe.
5. Vomit.

Day 8:
1. Fever between 38°C or higher.
2. Breathing difficulties, chest heavy.
3. Cough continuously.
4. Headache, joint pain and hip pain.

Day 9:
1. Symptoms worsen.
2. Fever higher.
3. Cough more persistent, more severe.
4. Breathing difficult and laborious.

At this time, blood tests and X-ray examinations of the lungs are required.

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Please pay attention to this matter, do not take chances.
Wear a mask, pay attention to hygiene, wash hands diligently, avoid crowds, cancel trips.

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