Why we pay wheel barrow permit to operate at Arena market – cart pushers

By Sunday Ogundiran


The service of the cart pushers in some major markets cannot be neglected as traders and buyers need them to convey their goods from one place to another.


They help customers to move their goods from their point of purchase to where they could get bus to their destinations.


Their charges may not be high, as low as N50, and their income might not be much; but they are not exempted from paying dues on daily basis.

For instance, it was gathered that the cart pushers operating at Arena Market, Oshodi must pay N200 before they could be allowed to work on daily basis.

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Some of the operators who spoke to ECHONEWS said the N200 is paid as wheel barrow permit that gives them access to carry any goods in the market.


According to one of the cart pushers who simply identified himself as Muhammed, without the payment of the wheel barrow permit, they could not do any work as they must pay the due before starting working in the morning.


“As we also have the Hausas selling fruits, pepper, potatoes, etc, in wheel barrow inside and outside the market, the due for wheel barrow permit allows them to trade and do business with rest of mind, without any disturbance.”

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He noted that since every marketer pays for shops, shed and open space where they display their wares, every other individual rendering one service or the other are also mandated to pay before they could operate in the market.


“Another important thing is that you must not misplace your ticket, once it is misplaced you have to pay for another wheel barrow permit ticket,” said Ibrahimo, another cart pusher.”

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