Players should be disciplined, prayerful and dedicated–Adebayo

In this interview with the coach of Ysdron Sport FC, Ayodeji Adebayo told Saheed Afolabi how he started his career as a coach and future ambitions. Excerpts:


What prompted your decision to be a coach at a grassroots club?
My name is Ayodeji Adebayo, the coach of Ysdron Sport FC. The journey to become a coach started many years ago though it wasn’t direct to the grassroots. A hotel in Lagos wanted to organise hospitality games for their workers and the aim of the competition was to keep the workers fit so that they would not fall sick. I was privileged to be their interim coach. That’s how my journey as a professional coach started. The urge to raise super stars also contributed to my decision to be a coach and I am also doing my certification coaching at the National Institute of Sports in Lagos.

Ayodeji Adebayo Coach of Ysdron Sport FC

How did you meet late Coach Olu?
I met late Coach Olu while I was at Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo campus through a female friend named Hannah who thought I would be a valuable asset to late coach Olu’s team. Then, I was combining schooling and work together just to survive. I met late Coach Olu in 2010. I knew him as a coach while I was a player, so he invited me to the school team and that was how we met.

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Why did you cut short your career as a player?
There are lots of things attached to a football career in Nigeria and I didn’t have anyone while growing up. Again, I didn’t want to focus on football alone. My failed trials abroad also made me to retire as a professional footballer and find other things to do.

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