Work harder to become great footballers – Fortune advises youths

The CEO of Unstoppable Foundation, Yemi Fortune held a Facebook live video session where he advised upcoming footballers to work hard and shun laziness so that they can get to the top of their career.


Fortune said players should keep updating themselves with new training methods and watching more video clips of professional footballers.


“Players at the grassroots have to take football as a profession not a hobby because when it is taken as a profession, they will need to work hard and labour for it. Talents and trainings cannot develop a player without hard work and constant training because preparation determines victory.

Yemi Fortune CEO Unstoppable foundation

Players should keep updating themselves but most upcoming talents are lazy and don’t want to train. They are in a hurry to make it in life not knowing that if you want to be great you have to labour for it.”


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Fortune added: “Professional players become great by training very hard. Sometimes it saddens my heart that I can’t train like all these youngsters again because of age and time but whenever I go to train with the All Stars team, I last longer on the field, playing more than any of them because of my hard work and dedication.


“Players should avoid excuses of not being able to come to training because constant excuses are trademark of failure. If you want to be great, you need to be dedicated, hardworking and patient.


“Footballers need to know that if they fail, it’s they who fail and they have also failed their family. The day I was invited to the U17 team that was coached by Godwin Izilien, I didn’t play up to 15 minutes before I was singled out and picked. The secret to my success that day was training, dedication and patience.


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“Stop hiding under the umbrella of prayer without hard work. No system rejects the best so, work out to be the best. When you see a boxer emerge champion in a boxing contest in the ring, it’s not what he did in the ring that made him a champion but the consistent training that made the boxer a champion.”


“The world awaits you, you are the next big thing and become your dream,” he encouraged them.


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