How irregular spare parts market affect our work – Mechanics

By Edith Igbokwe

Though they have been given the opportunity to work in their various workshops, mechanics complained that restriction on the vehicle spare parts dealers has been affecting their own business too.

They complained that unavailability of spare parts has affected their business since the spare parts dealers are not allowed to open shops regularly.

Speaking to ECHONEWS, the chairman of the Nigeria Automobile Technician Association (NATA), Oshodi central unit, Comr. Yusuf Sodiq said they could not get the spare parts as at when needed.

According to him, there are emergency jobs on the off days for the spare parts marketers and that if they cannot get the needed spare parts, they lose the revenue supposed to be made for that day.

Sodiq also complained that there is low patronage as many people refused to go out with their cars.

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He said: “The major challenge we are facing now is the one day on, one day off spare parts market which makes us to wait for the market day before we can fix customers’ vehicle and it affects delivery. Though customers are aware of the market situations, we still have to pacify some customers to bear with us on the delay.

“Again, there is no more patronages like before. We, the mechanics now compete for the few customers to make ends meet. We can no more charge reasonable amounts for repairing vehicles as many customers also complain.

“Business is not normal like before. We do small, small works because our customers complain of money scarcity and it affects the influx of vehicles in our workshops.”

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However, he appreciated the fact that they are allowed to carry out their business activities despite the pandemic, confirming that they could still make income,  no matter how little, to sustain their families.

Meanwhile, he expressed optimism that the situation would soon get back to normal, urging people to comply with the government guidelines to conquer the virus soonest.

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